Classic Alternative: If You Play It, They Will Come

There's a lot of talk about Millennials these days. As the newest trending generation, restaurants are bending over backward to attract their loyalty and dollars. (Hint: put avocado on it.) But while those businesses are jumping through hoops trying to attract a demographic that is actually spending less, they are missing out on the generation that [...]

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The Best of Summer Music: A Spotlight on Endless Summer

There is probably nothing that celebrates fun better than Summer! It is the time of the year that we seek to escape the daily doldrums and head out on a vacation adventure with our family and friends. The very mention of Summer paints images of pool parties and cookouts. Summer is the time to let [...]

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Restaurant Zoning: Use Music to Set the Mood

Every restaurant is managed a little differently. Whether you are an independent venue or are part of a franchised chain, the restaurant manager, staff, local customers, and the building itself will determine the unique environment you can create. One aspect of your building that can significantly influence your management style is the restaurant zoning. Whether you [...]

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5 Small Business Tips For The Restaurant Industry

Running a successful restaurant is tough even in the best of times! So when the competition is getting tight and the economy is getting tough, you need every edge you can to come out on top. Which is why, if you've been looking for some ways to endear yourself to your customers, you should keep [...]

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How Music and Fast-Food Go Hand In Hand

Music affects us in many ways. It improves our moods, relieves stress, anxiety, and depression, and even reduces the amount of calories we eat! Background music is essential in any restaurant. Music masks the annoying sound of culinary scraping over plates and the rattling of pots and pans in the kitchen. Additionally, music significantly impacts the [...]

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Tips and Tricks for Starting a Fast Food Business

Being a restaurateur is a dream shared by tens of thousands of people across the United States, but those numbers make the dream a difficult one to achieve. If you're planning on starting a fast food business, your task becomes more difficult still. No matter where you are, the competition in food service requires more [...]

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Music in Restaurants: Licensing Laws & Everything You Need to Know

Let's face the facts: music in restaurants makes the entire atmosphere and dining experience much more enjoyable! Silenced rooms leave awkward moments and turn private conversations public very quickly. If you aren't offering music to your restaurant guests you could be negatively affecting your business. It's really no secret - background music is essential to business. [...]

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