There’s a lot of talk about Millennials these days. As the newest trending generation, restaurants are bending over backward to attract their loyalty and dollars. (Hint: put avocado on it.) But while those businesses are jumping through hoops trying to attract a demographic that is actually spending less, they are missing out on the generation that has the money to spend and the time to spend it.

That’s right. I’m talking about Generation X.

Widely known during the 90s for their general apathy, slacker-tendencies, and flannel-clad appearance, this generation, often classified as people born between 1965 and 1981, has decidedly grown up. And when it comes to restaurants, unless you’re hocking unicorn lattes, they’re your target audience. Free from climbing the corporate ladder and raising small children like many Millennials, but not yet in the fixed-income spending freeze of the Baby Boomers, many Gen Xers have both money and time to spare. And when you’re playing Mixhit Radio’s Classic Alternative channel, they’ll be coming in droves.

The Nostalgia Effect of Classic Alternative

Gen X and classic alternative music go together like peanut butter and chocolate. You can separate them, but why would you make such a poor life choice when they are clearly the perfect couple? Fed up with corporate greed, the mainstream, and the impeding demands of adulthood, this is the music that shaped an entire generation. Playing Mixhit Radio’s Classic Alternative speaks to that generation and reminds them of those carefree days when music took on the establishment and anything was possible. While lost in their nostalgic happy place, they’ll also be in your place, which, ultimately, works out well for your bottom line.

The (Profitable) Element of Surprise

Featuring the raw lyrics of reluctant grunge poster boy Kurt Cobain, the poetic musings of Michael Stipe, and the innovative musical style (not to mention awesome hats) of Devo, this was a generation inexorably attached to alternative music. And while newfangled technology can help Gen Xers hear their favorite songs at the push of a button, these are folks who prefer to be surprised. Reminiscent of the good old days when MTV actually played music or they were given a new mixtape, this demographic relishes the excitement that comes from unexpectedly hearing one of their favorite alternative hits. When you play Classic Alternative, the hits will keep coming and the Gen Xers, caught up in their memories, will linger. (See what we did there? Classic Alternative humor for the win!) 

Familiarity Breeds Comfort

Nothing makes a person feel as comfortable as familiarity. And even if it’s their first time stepping foot into your establishment, playing the songs that take your customers back creates an instantaneous feeling of ease. Mixhit Radio’s Classic Alternative channel fosters that feeling with a lineup that checks off every musical box in the genre, from David Bowie and The Cure to INXS and Garbage. Whether they prefer the new wave sound of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” or the later, more grunge-oriented rendition by Frente!, there is something that reaches each alternative music lover’s sweet spot. And, ever the loyal generation, when you hit their sweet spot, your establishment quickly becomes one of theirs.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a restaurant looking to attract people with money to spend and the time to spend it, put down the Cronut. Those people in their late 30s through early 50s are your ideal crowd. And when word gets around that you play the music they so strongly associate with their youth, they’ll know you speak their language. With Mixhit Radio’s Classic Alternative channel, you’ll take your patrons back in time while advancing your business light years ahead. No avocado necessary.