Burn is a unique Mixhits playlist that offers a significant amount of content. It includes some of the top hard-hitting hits from yesterday and today in genres such as rock, pop, dance, and remix. When you are looking for music for your gym, fitness classes, or an outdoor boot camp, this is the channel you will want to tune into!

Give People Some Motivation!

No one wants to listen to everybody else’s grunts their entire workout! Instead, they want to hear music. It’s what provides them with the motivation to keep going. Often, people will count out the number of songs that they hear in order to determine how long they are going to work out. Failure to play music may mean people leave a lot earlier than intended – and this can lead to you losing out on business at the same time!

Not all music works for creating a sense of motivation. You want music with a good rhythm that is capable of getting people up and moving. This is why genres of pop and dance have been chosen for Burn. The music is absolutely designed for movement!

Scientists have also determined that listening to your favorite music will also help you to enjoy working out more. “Happy” by Pharell Williams can result in a 28% more enjoyable workout than a workout performed in silence! Just another great reason to use a Mixhits playlist like Burn!

Create a Rhythm With Burn!

When you want people to feel the burn, you have to consider the music that you play. Up-tempo music allows people to move faster. Many people will work out based upon the beat. The faster the beat, the faster someone will run, pedal, or complete repetitions of various fitness-based activities.

Consider the type of music that you want to hear when you work out. If you’re going to hit the gym, you want to be able to burn calories. This means that you need high-energy music. By choosing music with a fast rhythm, you get plenty of energy and you can burn those calories faster. The added bonus, as proved by research at Texas Tech University, is that upbeat tunes help to increase your tolerance for more intense exercise.

If you were to play basic radio, there would always be those songs that slow people down. You don’t want people swaying back and forth to the music – you want them pushing hard!

Enjoy a Variety of Songs and Genres!

It’s also important that you provide a playlist with variety. People don’t want to listen to the same songs over and over and over and over again! Although it may be tempting to play a particular song repeatedly because you get good results, you also aren’t going to do your clients any favors.

One of the top reasons why people leave gyms and various fitness classes is because of failure to change up the music. You don’t want this happening to you, which is why it’s all the more reason to focus on a playlist that is going to change periodically. With Burn, you can get the latest hits that are guaranteed to be brimming with energy. Everyone you train or have working out at your facility will love the music and love the results that they get with the music.

Burn is the Mixhits Playlist for Your Business!

Choosing music shouldn’t be difficult. You know what you like. You also know what you can move to. Now, it’s just a matter of bringing it all together. Finding the right business music station will make all the difference in the world.

In the end, you have to remember that you are responsible for giving people results. Although it’s all based on what people do, you need to provide the motivation and the high level of energy to help them get to where they want to be. Music is a big part of that – which means you need to think about the music service that you choose. Burn is capable of giving you and the people you work with the results.

Discover more about Burn and other playlists by contacting Mixhits Radio LLC today. It will be the best business decision that you make all year!