Classic Alternative: If You Play It, They Will Come

There's a lot of talk about Millennials these days. As the newest trending generation, restaurants are bending over backward to attract their loyalty and dollars. (Hint: put avocado on it.) But while those businesses are jumping through hoops trying to attract a demographic that is actually spending less, they are missing out on the generation that [...]

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The Best of Summer Music: A Spotlight on Endless Summer

There is probably nothing that celebrates fun better than Summer! It is the time of the year that we seek to escape the daily doldrums and head out on a vacation adventure with our family and friends. The very mention of Summer paints images of pool parties and cookouts. Summer is the time to let [...]

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Spotlight on Classic Rock

Classic Rock is a collection of the greatest rock hits from the 60s to the 80s. In this handpicked collection, you will find artists ranging from Aerosmith to Zeppelin and everything Classic Rock in between. Everything you love about this exceptional time in rock music can be found in this collection. But what can it do [...]

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How Much Musicians Make: It’s Usually Not Enough

Ever since recorded music became the primary way people were exposed to the art, musicians have had a love-hate relationship with recording companies. They love the idea of someone believing in them enough to fund their ability to make music for a living. Then they see how much they're receiving compared to the record company. [...]

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Mixhits Playlist Spotlight on Burn – Get Your Pump On!

Burn is a unique Mixhits playlist that offers a significant amount of content. It includes some of the top hard-hitting hits from yesterday and today in genres such as rock, pop, dance, and remix. When you are looking for music for your gym, fitness classes, or an outdoor boot camp, this is the channel you [...]

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Choosing the Right Business Music: Not Just an Exercise in Disaster Avoidance

The Emotional Power of Music Music has a particular power to enhance life experiences. There's a reason you love a driving beat as the soundtrack to your workout, or always play classic jazz in the background at a dinner party. Well-chosen music complements the context in which it's played, stimulating the appropriate emotions for the [...]

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The Hidden Value of Background Music in Business

Background Music in Business - Why is it Important? If you aren't taking advantage of focused and targeted background music in business, then you're missing out on proven benefits of increased revenue and customer retention! Music has been playing in the backgrounds of stores and restaurants for decades now, and typically nobody, including business owners [...]

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